Wine is a living thing that is constantly evolving, and at HPM Wineries we try to be like that too. That is why we always seek to experiment and make new wines that transmit revealing nuances to bring all kinds of audiences closer to the wine world.

Indeed, our Tempranillo Blanco wine emerged from one of the winery’s attempts to do something new and different. We particularly like this variety that is native to Rioja and has only been planted for a few years despite its discovery in 1992.

Nowadays, we make a wide range of wines that come from plots of land differentiated from the rest according to our quality standards and the knowledge of our fields. A beautiful example of this is the winemaking process of the HPM Crianza wine. For its elaboration, Jesús and Luis, as experts in our plots of land, selected the vineyard we call Peñaquemada. A 40-year-old vineyard at 470m of altitude pruned into globets (vine planting without any sort of trellis) and located on the western-eastern slope. This orientation contributes to the perfect ripening of the grapes because it enables us to take advantage of the best hours of sunshine.

Our Amicis also comes from a single plot of land. The name of this wine means “for friends” in Latin and with it we wanted to wink at all those customers who have become friends to us over the years. This wine comes from a 100-year-old vineyard. This specific vineyard has a very low production and presents small bunches, providing our signature wine with extraordinary qualities.

In HPM Wineries, we strive for our wines to express the character of the grape. Thus, we are great admirers and defenders of single-varietal wines (made from only one variety) and, consequently, all our wines are single-varietals with the exception of our young carbonic maceration wine. The latter has traditionally always been made with a percentage of white grapes; in the case of HPM Wineries the white variety selected is Viura, which gives it a touch of freshness and complementary aroma.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”
Pablo Picasso – Painter and sculptor.