In 2012, a new member joins the winery to continue the family’s legacy of making wine.  Jesús Mari, winemaker and part of the fourth generation, comes in with strength, determination and new ideas. His main proposal was to extend and expand the range of wines offered, according to the current market needs and trends.

Tania, Jesús Mari’s sister and winemaker as well, joined the family dream in 2017. Brothers Jesús Mari and Tania, together with their father and their uncle, began to elaborate different types of wines showing their character and uniqueness.

All this is complemented with the family’s desire to start exporting their wines and to share a part of what HPM Wineries are to the rest of the world, making it possible for more people to enjoy the pleasure of drinking an exceptional wine.

Detalle de persiana, lupa y un libro

“The old man puts the vineyard, and the young man puts the harvest”
Ancient Spanish proverb.