Detalle de persiana, lupa y un libro

“EWine is the only artwork you can drink”
Luis Fernández Olaverri

At the beginning, they had to provisionally work at their grandpa’s old winery, a small winery with impressive underground wine cellars. They also worked at their father’s Angel winery, a much more modern winery with concrete wine presses and cubes. They kept progressing and entered the wine market.

After several years and due to the lack of space and the need to move forward, they looked for a larger and better prepared location. As a result, in the year 1999 the two brothers decided to immerse themselves in a new project: the construction of our winery as we know it now, Bodega Hermanos Pascual Miguel. This new winery was the place in which they could keep on maintaining the family tradition but making use of better and more modern facilities.

With time, commitment and dedication, they have passed on this value along with their knowledge and affection to their children, who have learned from a young age about the family tradition of making wine. Our latest generation has been introducing new techniques that they have learnt throughout education years. All this makes the cycle of learning and constant evolution something characteristic of our winery.

In 2011 we began with our latest project: the enlargement of our winery supervised by Grandpa Angel. This project gave us the chance to grow as a winery and to elaborate different sorts of wines such as white wines, crianzas and high expression wines.