Project Description

Amicis Graciano is our signature wine produced from a small vineyard planted with Graciano grape variety. As with the other wines from the Amicis collection, Amicis Graciano is only available years regarded as exceptional by our winemakers.

Graciano grape variety is characterized by its low yield and high acidity. Thus, it is normally used to be mixed with other wines. Obtaining a 100% Graciano wine is very complicated due to the great influence the annual climatology has on the proper ripening of the grapes.

Technical data sheet

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Graciano
AGE OF GRAPEVINES: Over 30 years
GRAPE HARVEST: Hand harvesting in 10kg crates
WINE ELABORATION AND AGING: Manual selection of grapes, destemming, fermentation in small open buckets. Wine aged 18 months in 225L French oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle for its refinement.
PERFECT WINE AND FOOD PAIRINGS: Red meat, Ibérico products, nuts and cheese.

Wine Tasting Sheet

“THE APPEARANCE”, LOOK: Bright and deep picota cherry red.
“THE NOSE”, SMELL: Predominance of black fruit and bay aromas well balanced with toasted, spicy and sweet notes provided by the barrel.
“THE PALATE”, TASTE: This wine is powerful on the palate entrance, with the marked acidity characteristic of its variety. The palate provides again hints of candied fruit, toffee and cloves.

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